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Japan together with Ukraine
Розпочато: 2023.08.11Завершений: 2024.03.28
FFU Poland

Japan together with Ukraine

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Purpose of the case

Fundraising for the implementation of our charity projects aimed at helping Ukrainians affected by the war in Ukraine. Our Japanese partners cover part of the costs by providing wheelchairs and other humanitarian aid, and FFU collects funds for logistics and other related costs, which will be spent on charitable activities of the "Humanitarian Aid Center" and "Medical Aid" directions.


About the case 

The FFU team assists to Ukrainians who have been affected by the war and found themselves in difficult life circumstances. Along the way, we are supported by regular and new partners. 

One of the key partnerships for FFU is the support of Japanese partners, particularly cooperation with Masato and Fumi Kimura along with Sakura Wheelchair Project Hiroshima and Go! Fly! Wheelchairs and other organizations. Thanks to the joint efforts of partners from Japan and the Foundation team, the Japan Wheelchair Program for Ukraine project was launched. Within its framework, three large-scale deliveries of wheelchairs from Japan to Ukraine have already taken place, and more are planned.

Moreover, our Japanese partners are ready to help us in the implementation of other charitable projects of the Foundation. For this purpose, we have opened a charity fundraising to ensure the required scope of work (brokerage services, logistics costs, etc.) so everyone can join and support the FFU work. 

It is important to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a special cargo status to CO “CF “Future for Ukraine”, which indicates compliance with all rules of international humanitarian transportation. Thanks to this, the international logistics company NYK provided us with free shipping from Japan to Poland. 


Why is it important?

Thousands of Ukrainians are suffering because of the war started by russia. Many people are left homeless, so they are unable to provide themselves with medicine or necessary medical equipment. Also, those citizens who live in the newly liberated and front-line territories, where logistical routes are fully destroyed, have no access to qualified medical care. In addition, the need for wheelchairs has dramatically increased as far as thousands of Ukrainian people have been injured as a result of shelling and need treatment in medical institutions, along with those people who have aggravated chronic diseases and need to move around in a wheelchair.

Thus, we received a request for wheelchairs from the Ivankiv community of the Kyiv region, which struggled under the russian occupation for more than a month in 2022, and there were still fierce battles even after the liberation. 

Sometime after handing over the wheelchairs to the residents of Ivankiv and nearby villages, the FFU team together with Japanese partners visited the community and talked with its residents. So, Roman Semenko, to whom we handed over a wheelchair for individual use in March, noted that the Japanese wheelchair is ergonomic, easy to use, and mobile. Also, in this chair, his back hurts much less when he sits for a long time.

Furthermore, we handed over another batch of wheelchairs to hospitals in the Ternopil region where Ukrainian defenders are currently undergoing medical treatment, as well as displaced persons who were forced to leave their homes due to hostilities found their shelter there. Recently, the community of Lysychansk has also received a batch of wheelchairs. 

Every day, the number of Ukrainians affected by the war is sharply increasing — both military and civilians, including children and elderly people who are unable to move on their own. 

We are grateful to our Japanese partners for their support! And we need your help to cover the logistics costs and other issues in order to deliver all necessary aid to every Ukrainian. 

Please support our case! Your contribution will help Ukrainians to survive these difficult times. 



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