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Psychological assistance to women who survived sexual violence from the Russian military

Psychological assistance to women who survived sexual violence from the Russian military

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Stories about sexual violence perpetrated by russians in the occupied Ukrainian territories are striking with their cynicism and particular cruelty. And for a woman who survived sexual violence at the hands of the russian military, such an experience leaves behind deep mental scars.

Pain, despair, fear, and a sense of inevitability are imprinted in the women’s mind and can worsen their lives, as well as the lives of her family and loved ones, for years.

Therefore, women who have survived or witnessed rape need special attention and care, not only physical but also mental. Only timely help and support from society will help them go through this path of healing.

The Gidna Project from the FFU offers such timely qualified assistance. A team of psychotherapists who specialize in this particular trauma take care of the psychological health of every Ukrainian woman who has suffered sexual violence from the russian occupiers. A distinctive feature of the project is that each specialist has undergone training and regularly receives supervision from Israeli professionals in psychotherapy. Our specialists are ready to offer a course of 10 consultations designed to save the psychological health and improve the quality of life of Ukrainian women.

As part of the Gidna project, we are announcing a fundraiser for a counseling course for 10 women who have survived sexual violence.

Collect the necessary amount of funds to finance a rehabilitation course of 10 professional psychological consultations for women.

What is needed
Funding for the payment of psychological consultations and supervision by psychologists of the Gidna projectat the rate of € 740 per course for one woman.

Why is this important
Being under stress, women who have experienced or witnessed sexual violence tend to remain silent for years about their psychological state, fearing condemnation and stigmatization. All this leads to profound mental disorders and even suicides. Only professional psychological help can restore such women's zest for life to build healthy relationships with loved ones, the ability to develop and move forward, and not be influenced by harmful addictions.

Remember that with every contribution, we not only help our women today but also improve the mental health of the entire nation!

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