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December 23

Collection for the development of CHILDREN HUB
Started: 2022.11.15Completed: 2023.08.31
FFU Poland

Collection for the development of CHILDREN HUB

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of the required 10000

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We are creating a corner of Ukraine abroad. We take care and support.

During the period from June to December 2022, the hub was visited 6,500 times. 750 kids became regular visitors and friends of the hub.

Here, large auditoriums, a psychologist's office, a speech therapist, an art therapist, learning English, urban ecology, and creative and developmental classes with specialists await them.

Depending on the age group, children take classes that positively affect their emotional state and contribute to comprehensive development: logic, learning about the world, music, physical education, neurorhythmics, financial literacy, safety school, etc.

255 children received psychological counseling.
230 kids received speech therapy consultations.
50 Ukrainian mothers received consultations with a psychologist.
10 psychological trainings conducted at CHILDREN HUB.

The project was created with the support of a philanthropist Vadym Stolar.

A safe space for the adaptation of children abroad is our first step. In the future, we plan to do everything to ensure that little Ukrainians preserve their identity. So that in our hubs they feel good, like at home.

Address of the CHILDREN HUB: Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 47/49, 00-680. Classes are free for children from families who left Ukraine after February 24.


To create and develop a network of hubs in the EU countries. To give children the opportunity to feel at home where they ended up escaping from the war, and to give them a happy childhood. In our hub, we talk a lot about Ukraine, its culture, people, and values that we want to instill in our children. After all, Ukrainians are the only ones to which corner of the world they would not be thrown by the war.

What is needed

CHILDREN HUB needs €20,000 per month to support operational activities.

Half of this amount is covered by the patron of the project.

€10,000 we are raising to provide a budget for the following expenses:

Toys, educational games

Legal and information support

Premises for rent

Payment of utility services

Purchase of hygiene products

Office, paper

Why this is important

For more than four months, children have been visiting our CHILDREN HUB. We noticed they finally could smile again. Children learn more about the culture of a new country for them, have the opportunity to talk with a child psychologist, break the language barrier and share their experiences with children from Ukraine. Through classes, workshops, and play activities, children gradually regain a sense of security.

Many children have partially adapted to the new realities. Thanks to the hub community, they no longer feel alone, gradually learn the language, and make new friends. Now we face a new challenge: to help children preserve their identity, native language, and culture. After all, every Ukrainian abroad is a bearer of our values. For centuries, our culture united Ukrainians and inspired them to fight.

We believe that most families will return to Ukraine after our victory. And we want it not to become another stress for them due to a change of environment. Our team will do everything possible to make the return to normal life in their hometowns and villages a joyous and expected event for them.

We are creating a corner of Ukraine abroad. We take care and support.


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