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December 23

Future for Ukraine Foundation is launching the Good Day initiative
Started: 2023.11.14
FFU Ukraine

Future for Ukraine Foundation is launching the Good Day initiative

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Для соціально відповідальних бізнесів та їх користувачів. Робимо кожен день добрим!

Every day we greet each other dozens of times by making wishes for peace, goodness, and victory with two words: "Good day!". And by transferring the daily donation, Ukrainians convert their greetings into action.

We, Ukrainian people, entrepreneurs, everyone who works, provides jobs, and pays taxes — we all make every day good!

To unite representatives of businesses in Ukraine for a charitable purpose, the Future for Ukraine Foundation is launching the Good Day initiative to support our 3 main directions: helping children, medical help, and psychological assistance to women.


What are the benefits of participating in the project for business owners?

  • Suitable for any business
  • The amount of the donation is at your discretion
  • Your business becomes part of the community 
  • Transparent reporting about cashflow statement 
  • The opportunity to participate in open meetings regarding the distribution of received funds.


What are the benefits for customers?

  • By purchasing your product or service, the customer automatically helps meet the needs of Ukrainians affected by the war.
  • 100% of the proceeds will go to trustworthy charitable projects implemented by the FFU Foundation. 


How to join the Good Day initiative?

If you are willing to do good deeds together for the Ukrainian people’s benefit who suffered the consequences of war, please fill out the application form.

To learn more about the project, please write to [email protected].

Download a full presentation.

28 Ukrainian businesses have already joined the Good Day initiative! These are your favorite restaurants, gyms, beauty and health brands, clothing, and footwear stores, which have united for the sake of Ukraine.

Join up! Let charity make your day really good!

Please read the policy of public fundraising. 


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