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Orphan Care Center

Orphan Care Center

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War breaks the wings of those who are just learning to fly. Hundreds of Ukrainian children instantly lose their loved ones, homes, friends, and the chance for a bright future. Everything they once knew about life and loved so much will never return.

Shocked children arrive from the zone of active hostilities to shelters. It's hard to imagine what they are going through now. The parents of many of them were brutally killed before their eyes. It is a deprived childhood and a lifelong trauma.

Every day new children from all over the country get to the institutions of the Orphan Care Center of the Lviv UGCC Archeparchy.

“There is no sense to be made from such harm to children, that goes beyond physical injury to the emotional and mental manifestations of trauma. The fight to end a war, like the one being suffered in Ukraine, is a race to limit the number of casualties killed, injured, displaced, and traumatized every day” — said actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie after visiting one of the institutions under the care of the Center. Immediately after that, much more help began to come here — food, things, and even furniture.

Currently, the center takes care of 841 children in 11 institutions. 167 children became orphans of this war. Of these, 43 infants under six months. The center cares for 362 orphans and 312 children whose parents are deprived of guardianship.

The main institution in Lviv is also home to mothers with children and their grandparents, who fled the war in despair.

Despite 12 years of working experience with orphans, the organization can’t withstand the load. Its facilities are not adapted to such a large number of people. The center's resources, which exist for charitable contributions of believers and caring people, are almost exhausted.

These are our children, our pain, and our future. And we must fight for it.

We can give children a future. We can restore their faith that good always wins.

The least we can do is provide children with decent living conditions, a sense of security, and psychological support.

The foundation is currently raising funds to help children from the Orphan Center with daily food, hygiene products, and medical supplies.

Your € 50 today feeds ten children deprived of everything by the war. Your contribution will improve the lives of afflicted children and help alleviate their endless pain.

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