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December 23

Support the equipment of 9 development rooms LEVCHYK Spectrum Hub for children with ASD evacuated from the combat zone
Started: 2022.11.30Completed: 2023.07.07
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Support the equipment of 9 development rooms LEVCHYK Spectrum Hub for children with ASD evacuated from the combat zone

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Our world is extremely diverse. It is full of sounds, colors, smells, touches, and looks. This is our world and it is beautiful! And now close your eyes for a moment and imagine how all this beauty of the world turns into a cacophony of sounds, a flurry of touches, like a raging crowd where everyone wants to touch you. And so with any of the usual sensations, which can not only take you by surprise but even cause severe stress and make you look for a safe place where you can hide from everything. This is how children with autism spectrum disorders see the world.

During the war, rockets and bombs became such shocks to us, ordinary people. And for a child with ASD, just the touch of a person or a change in the room feels similar to such explosions. They just happen in her nervous system.

The Future for Ukraine Foundation is opening the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB for children with autism spectrum disorders who have left the war zone. We strive to create a safe space for children in which they can develop, adapt to new conditions, and integrate into society.

We are equipping 9 development rooms in the hub, where children will receive free comprehensive care using the methods of ABA therapy and PECS therapy. There will also be classes with a speech therapist and practical psychologist, art therapy, sensory integration, adaptive physical education, kinesiotherapy, etc.

We plan to help 100 children with ASD and hold 2,470 classes every month! For this, we have already rented premises of over 600 m², which are currently being renovated.

Address of LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB: Lviv, str. B. Khmelnytskyi, 114-a.

Purpose of the case

To create and equip 9 development rooms LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB for the development of children with ASD evacuated to Lviv from the war zone and to help 100 children with ASD every month.

What is needed

Collect ₴ 534,809 for furnishing 9 development rooms of the hub:
●    Furniture (sofas, tables, chairs, massage tables, etc.) — ₴ 220,423
●    Developmental simulators (activity boards, massage mats, etc.) — ₴ 134,394
●    Toys (developmental kits, materials for art therapy, constructors, etc.) — ₴ 179,992

Why is this important?

All the upheavals the children with ASD face can seriously damage their sensitive psyche and cause long-term developmental delays. At the same time, time is an extremely important and valuable resource for children with ASD and their parents.

For example, a common reflex for everyone is to put your hands in front of you when falling. In children with ASD, it may not be formed because it is difficult for them to combine their feelings, to perceive objects adequately. Therefore, they have difficulties with orientation in space. Hence, injuries for the child and stress for the parents.

And only in the period from 3 to 7 years do parents have the opportunity to adapt a child with ASD. But under the condition of regular classes and making maximum efforts — both on the part of parents and teachers. Later, children with ASD may not have a chance to integrate into society.

To do this in the conditions of war, of course, is not an easy task, but we have clearly defined short-term and long-term goals and are ready for the challenge!


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