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December 23

Fundraising for the creation of a sensory relaxation room at LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB supported by Verholy Relax Park
Started: 2023.06.15Completed: 2023.10.11
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Fundraising for the creation of a sensory relaxation room at LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB supported by Verholy Relax Park

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Purpose of the case 

To set up a sensory relaxation room at the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB, where will be held free remedial classes for children with autism spectrum disorders who were forced to evacuate to Lviv due to the war.


What is needed? 

The budget for creating a sensory room is UAH 240,000 or about $6,500.

The total price includes all the necessary materials and equipment to create an exceptional environment filled with various sensory stimulants. 

  • Light effects, screens, lamps, projectors, multicolored lamps, toys, and rugs will stimulate the development of vision;
  • Musical toys and instruments for the development of hearing;
  • Diffuser systems for spraying various essential oils will have a beneficial effect on the development of the sense of smell;
  • A variety of textures and kinesthetic surfaces will enhance the sense of touch.


Why is it important?

For children with ASD, it is crucial to be in a calm and safe environment that is familiar to them and filled with everyday things and rituals. Even the slightest feelings of stress or instability can cause a delay in psycho-emotional development for years for these children. But war and forced relocation affect them even worse; it can destroy the fragile world of children with ASD, which their parents diligently built.

The sensory relaxation room is designed to provide psychological comfort by stimulating the senses. It is a zone where the child can feel confident, comfortable, and relaxed. 

Remedial classes in such a room will help overcome anxiety symptoms and fears, stimulate the baby's speech development, and achieve emotional comfort.

210 sessions per month can be held in the sensory integration dark room. That's 2,496 correctional sessions annually to create a sense of security and peace for every pupil of LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB. 


How to support the case?

The support of the case is provided by Verholy Relax Park — an authentic Wellness & Spa center in the middle of a pine forest in the Poltava region, a place of relaxation and solitude in the heart of the forest. 

1. Book your stay at Verholy Relax Park.

The venue will collect 10% of the profits each Wednesday and Thursday throughout the summer and donate it to the case. 

2. To donate directly via the QR code at the reception or in the hotel rooms. 

You can book your vacation at Verholy Relax Park, and here, in the middle of the pine forest, you may feel the heartbeat of nature and restore your vitality. This will be your contribution to helping children on the autism spectrum.


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