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December 23

LEVCHYK Spectrum Hub: remedial classes for children on the autism spectrum (ASD)
Started: 2022.11.30
FFU Ukraine

LEVCHYK Spectrum Hub: remedial classes for children on the autism spectrum (ASD)

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Help to create a safe space for the development of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)


To help 100 children with ASD every month with complex free remedial classes so that they can integrate into society as much as possible in the future.

What is needed

Support for LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB activities is 16,867 euros per month.

  • Developing materials
  • Payment for specialists: speech therapists, rehabilitators, neuropsychologists, ABA therapists, specialists in sensory integration, and correctional teachers
  • Hygiene products and household chemicals
  • Hub administrative expenses

Why is this important?

Any stress experienced by a child with ASD can significantly damage their sensitive psyche and cause long-term developmental delays. At the same time, time is an extremely important and valuable resource for children with ASD and their parents.

Therefore, we will accept children who have confirmation of the diagnosis from a psychiatrist in the form of a medical certificate and a referral from the city IRC. We will give priority to the children of IDPs since they are the ones who experience the most harmful effects of stress and need help in adapting to the conditions of a change of residence.

We believe that the more outstanding our contribution to helping children with autistic spectrum disorders, the higher their chances for a fulfilling life in society!

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