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FFU, in collaboration with BetterMe and Esper Bionics, has launched a specialized training program for people who have lost their limbs

FFU, in collaboration with BetterMe and Esper Bionics, has launched a specialized training program for people who have lost their limbs


Over a year and a half of war, a large number of Ukrainians have lost their limbs. In most cases, these are our defenders, who, at the cost of their own health, fight for Ukraine's independence.

The restoration of physical activity is crucial for effective rehabilitation. To support and assist our military personnel in their physical recovery, Future for Ukraine, in partnership with BetterMe, a Ukrainian company that cares about physical and mental health and has 150 million users worldwide, as well as the manufacturer of bionic prosthetics, Esper Bionics, and the clinical director of the MCOP prosthetic program, Dr. Farhad Ostovari, are launching a training program for people who have lost their limbs. This program will be available for free in the BetterMe: Health Coaching app for all Ukrainians.

In the BetterMe: Health Coaching mobile app, there is now a dedicated section with exercises for people with amputated limbs. The training program for individuals with lower limb amputations was developed by Dr. Farhad Ostovari, a physical therapy doctor with 14 years of clinical experience working with the American military, with the support of Future for Ukraine.

The program is divided into two complexes: exercises for people with lower limb amputations and exercises for those with upper limb amputations. Each complex consists of exercises to be performed "before" prosthetic fitting, which expedites the prosthetic process, and "after," allowing those with prosthetics to engage in exercises independently and anywhere.

"It has been proven that regular exercises improve the quality of life for individuals who have undergone amputations. My training program for people with amputated limbs helps maintain flexibility and prevent stiffness during walking. Stretching exercises reduce muscle tension and promote joint mobility. In addition, regular physical exercises reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, which often affect individuals with amputations," notes Dr. Ostovari.

The training program focuses on four important aspects:

  • Strengthening hip and body muscles to normalize walking.
  • Maintaining joint mobility and preventing muscle stiffness through flexibility exercises.
  • Enhancing endurance through cardio training.
  • Promoting stability and overall body balance through balance exercises.

Program Partners:

BetterMe: A Ukrainian company dedicated to the physical and mental health of over 150 million people worldwide. The company has developed  two apps: BetterMe: Health Coaching and BetterMe: Mental Health.

Esper Bionics: A startup in the field of human augmentation, developing the world's first bionic ecosystem. Esper Bionics has created the Esper Hand, a self-learning bionic hand prosthesis.

How to find the training program for people with limb amputations:

  • Open the App Store or Google Play.
  • Download the BetterMe: Health Coaching app.
  • In the general list under the "Training" tab, find exercises titled "Training for Upper Limb Amputation" and "Training for Lower Limb Amputation."

Let's support those who are learning to feel their bodies anew together!


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