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December 23

Prosthetics for the military in Malta
Started: 2022.12.12Completed: 2023.01.20
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Prosthetics for the military in Malta

Currently collected


of the required 15000

Spent on case

According to the conducted public fundraising, from 12.12.2022 to 20.01.2023, UAH 556,744.75 was collected. From the collected amount UAH 182,525.57 was spent as of January 25, 2023. Funds remaining after covering the costs of sending two soldiers for prosthetics and undergoing rehabilitation in Malta (Steward Health Care Malta), according to the provisions of the Public Offer Agreement, on the condition of a charitable donation, published on the official website https://ffu.foundation (https://ffu.foundation/), the foundation will be used for the sponsorship of projects and programs of the Foundation, which are implemented within the framework of the Foundation's statutory activities. Our partner — the Future For Ukraine fund, registered in Krakow and operates on the territory of the Republic of Poland, covered expenses in the amount of €3,554.44.


To organize and support the process of prosthetics and rehabilitation for the military who were injured and amputated during the russian-Ukrainian war.

What is needed

To cover the costs of patients during the prosthetics period:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food expense
  • Medical (travel) insurance

Why this is important

Every day, Ukrainian military personnel defending their homeland receive serious injuries, many of them lose limbs and need prosthetics.
Organizing the prosthetics process abroad is a rocky path. In addition to сosts, there are also organizational issues:

  • preparation of the required package of documents and visa;
  • transfer organization (Ukraine-Warsaw-Malta, transport for visiting the clinic, then the way home the same route);
  • search for a place to stay during prosthetics and rehabilitation;
  • provision of everything necessary for an unhindered visit to the clinic;
  • take care of the language barrier and find an interpreter who will be able to help the military man during prosthetics and rehabilitation on site.

We have already helped one of our soldiers, Oleksandr Chayka, to get his prosthesis at the MSOR clinic, which is located in Washington, and to go through the rehabilitation process. And currently, three more Ukrainian heroes — Dmytro Sklyarenko, Oleksandr Drobatyuk, and Serhiy Dudik are already undergoing prosthetics.
The Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) clinic is also ready to help our soldiers to recover. In January 2023, the first two patients will go to Malta for prosthetics and rehabilitation. They will stay there for a month.
The clinic fully covers the medical expenses of our soldiers. The foundation, on its part, covers all other costs (logistics to the place of prosthetics, accommodation, food, etc.). We do all this thanks to your donations to the "Prosthetics for the Military in Malta" case.
Currently, €15,000 need to be raised for these two warriors.

Therefore, we urge you to join and help our military return to a fulfilling life. Our duty as citizens of Ukraine is to take care of those who choose the freedom of our land at the cost of their lives and health!

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