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Presentation of the first Ukrainian therapeutic book at CHILDREN HUB

Presentation of the first Ukrainian therapeutic book at CHILDREN HUB


On November 18, in Warsaw, the international charity Parimatch Foundation, Future for Ukraine, and the writer Tanya Stus presented the first Ukrainian collection of therapeutic audio stories for children “Secret stories of small and big victories”. The presentation took place in our CHILDREN HUB, which was created for temporarily displaced children from Ukraine.

“Secret stories of small and big victories” is a collection of 10 stories with a therapeutic effect, designed to tell children about the difficult questions that arise during the experience of living in war. The project is aimed at supporting Ukrainian children affected by russian aggression.

The collection was written by Ukrainian children's writer Tanya Stus, and the psychological supervision of the fairy tales was done by psychologist Svitlana Royz. Marta Koshulinska became the illustrator of the project. The voice of the project is the well-known Ukrainian singer Alyosha (Olena Topolya).

One of the fairy tales is based on the real story of the Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Chaika. In a fierce battle with the occupiers, the Ukrainian hero lost his leg. From the very beginning of Oleksandr's treatment, Future for Ukraine took him under their care. Currently, Oleksandr is returning to his homeland after a long period of prosthetics and rehabilitation in Washington.

The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the problems of children of forced migrants from Ukraine. More than ever, they need educational and psychological support, restoration of a sense of security, and communication with other children from Ukraine, and speakers of our language and culture.
It is for this that the Future for Ukraine Foundation created CHILDREN HUB in Warsaw. It works to support immigrant families with children who are currently in Poland.

“The goal of CHILDREN HUB is to create all the conditions to improve the emotional state of children. Every month, we hold thematic classes, and game mechanics with fairy-tale therapy, the main result of which is a smile from a child who wants to visit us again and again. The presentation of the book in our center is an important event because we strive to help each other and discover new instruments, improving the psychological state of the child and his parents,” — tells the head of CHILDREN HUB from Future for Ukraine, Marta Sytenko.

The support of the project by all concerned is extremely important for Ukrainian children abroad and their parents. Each of your donations is a huge contribution to our future. You can support the project on the website of the Future for Ukraine foundation.

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