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Digest of prosthetics of the Ukrainian military in Malta

Digest of prosthetics of the Ukrainian military in Malta


Another story of the prosthetics of two Ukrainian soldiers in Malta has ended. Bohdan and Serhii have already returned home to start a new chapter in their lives! We want to share with you how their final week was on the sunny island of Malta!


As always, there were intense and active training sessions. Men played tennis and basketball. After all, before returning home, it is necessary to make maximum effort to make it easier to work independently! The final adjustment of the prostheses of our military took place.


Our defenders already received their carbon prostheses and immediately went for a walk to practice walking on Wednesday!


Between training, the military did not forget about rest and leisure, so they visited the Legligin Restaurant, where they were invited by the Ukrainian owner. It was a warm and cozy evening in pleasant company with conversations about Motherland.


On Saturday, Bohdan and Serhii already went home to start a new life!

We sincerely thank everyone who supported the men and helped them on this path! Also, we thank experts from the SHCM clinic and the benefactor of our project, Vadym Stolar. Without the active participation of all of you, this would not be possible!


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