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December 23

Give children with autism the Christmas miracle — join the “Christmas on the Spectrum” charitable initiative!

Give children with autism the Christmas miracle — join the “Christmas on the Spectrum” charitable initiative!


The Christmas season is a time when all children expect a miracle. They look forward to Christmas Eve, running, as fast as they can, to the Christmas tree, and finding the dream constructor or doll they wrote about in their letters to Santa.  

At Christmastime, we desire to make the children's wishes heard. The miracle of Christmas remains in our memories for the rest of our lives and makes us believe that dreams come true!

Like their peers, children from the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB also dream of goodies and toys for Christmas. However, a much more substantial gift for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is remedial classes that will help kids and their parents' most cherished dreams come true!

What do the kids from LEVCHYK dream about? 

— To learn to speak and say the word "mother" and the names of loved ones. 

— To be able to distinguish objects and colors.

— To feel comfortable around people.

— To learn how to control my emotions. 

— To be able to identify my feelings and talk about them.

— To visit new places like parks, café, cinemas, and public transport without panic. 

To fulfill the dreams of our lion cubs, the Future for Ukraine Foundation's team is launching the Christmas on the Spectrum charity initiative


The initiative purpose 

Emphasize the needs of children with ASD and draw society's attention to the importance of creating an autism-friendly environment in Ukraine. We also aim to collect funds for remedial classes for children on the spectrum whose families have become displaced people due to the war and who now live in Lviv.  


How to join the Christmas on the Spectrum charity initiative

  1. Visit our Christmas on the Spectrum zone at Lavina Mall, near the stage, from December 6 to January 15. Donate from UAH 50 to a charity box at the location or transfer funds through the QR-code and get the charity stickers with an image of Levchyk. All proceeds will support fundraising for remedial classes for children with ASD. The festive zone will be open on weekends from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
  2. During December, visit the Ulyublenyi Dyadya restaurant at 20 Pankivska St, Kyiv, and buy a Christmas ball. All proceeds will go to the needs of LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB.
  3. Buy a charity protein bar from Green Chef with pictures of LEVCHYK pupils on the packaging and help children on the autism spectrum.
  4. Order takeaway food from the Brooks American City café chain in Dnipro and find a business card with a QR code in a box — there will be a QR code through which you can donate for remedial classes for our lion cubs. Get charity stickers with the image of Levchyk to help children on the spectrum! 
  5. You can also become a Secret Santa and give the little lion cubs a Christmas stocking filled with goodies from Milk Bar.

Join us! Give children with ASD the miracle of Christmas! 


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