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LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB celebrates six months!

LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB celebrates six months!


Just like a baby rapidly develops when they reach six months, the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB project is gradually gaining momentum! And our children on the autism spectrum are conquering new heights — skills and abilities! It may seem like such a short period during which our hub has been operating, but so many cool and important events connected with it have already taken place! Photo exhibitions of our wards, a conference, a family picnic, and the first special cinema sessions! Just imagine how many positive changes have already occurred while building an autism-friendly society!

On February 22nd, our hub hosted the first classes, and in the six months, we managed to conduct 1871 correctional sessions for children on the spectrum! We regularly hold organizational meetings for parents, organize a Family Picnic on the occasion of World Children's Day, and also host a parent school. We carry out informational activities, including launching the campaign "Children. Autism. War." and holding a conference "I Can!" for World Autism Awareness Day. We organized a photo exhibition of portraits of our hub's wards titled "Eye Contact. A View in the Spectrum" in Lviv and Kyiv, and, as part of this exhibition, we held an informational meeting "Around the Spectrum."

In these six months, we have launched collaborations and fundraisers with:

  • Planeta Kino
  • Verholy Relax Park
  • Fish&PussyCat Sushi Bar
  • Chaika cafe

The hub was also supported by:

  • Dobro.ua
  • SkyUp
  • JoinUP!
  • TyKyiv
  • Grand Hotel Lviv Casino & SPA
  • Sensoria
  • David Aubl
  • Vereta
  • Mr. Pillow
  • TooFruit

And many more well-known people and opinion leaders who spread the word about our project.

We know this is just the beginning! We sincerely thank everyone who supports our project, as well as our patron, Vadim Stolar, for his support at each of these stages!

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