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December 23


Prosthetics for the Ukrainian military in Washington


For Ukrainian defenders undergoing prosthetics in the United States, every day there is a step towards restoring their health and returning to active life. They have undergone extremely hard trials, faced death itself, and won this battle. Some of the men received double amputations in the course of fierce battles with the enemy. 

But now the defenders of Ukraine have found reliable support and are finally able to receive high-quality prosthetics in Washington, DC. We never tire of admiring the indomitable spirit and strength of our soldiers! We share the events digest of the first weeks of prosthetics for the newly arrived Ukrainian defenders in the United States. 

Military men Denys and Pavlo met with the specialists of the MCOP clinic. They took measurements for their future prostheses and made casts.


Princess Mary of Denmark visited the Ukrainian heroes in person at the clinic and talked to them.

What our defenders are always looking forward to the most are the first steps on prostheses!

Rehabilitation procedures are an integral part of successful and effective recovery from severe injuries.

Recreation for the soul — our heroes attended a concert by the BoomBox band.

It was an extraordinary charge of emotions for the men — they sang their favorite songs and talked to the vocalist Andriy Khlyvnyuk at the end of the concert.

We met another group of soldiers, Vladyslav and Oleh, who had double amputations.

Vlad and Oleh met the doctors and started their journey in prosthetics.

And the very next day, Vlad and Oleh tried to take their first steps on prostheses! The MCOP specialists adjusted the prostheses for men.

The defenders are actively engaged in physical exercises aimed at restoring muscle tone and learning to use prostheses.

We are grateful to all those who contribute to our initiative to provide prosthetics to Ukrainian defenders, including the Pfizer Foundation


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