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Please, help us support Ukrainian families in the Donetsk region

Please, help us support Ukrainian families in the Donetsk region


In November, we are going on a humanitarian mission to the frontline villages of Donetsk region.

Support the Future for Ukraine Foundation!

More than 300 Ukrainian families will be able to receive help. We will pay special attention to providing the necessary products and goods for children.

Charitable help will include:

  • - food sets;
  • - bread;
  • - personal hygiene products;
  • - warm clothes for children and adults.

We need your support to provide Ukrainians in the Donetsk region with products and essential goods in war conditions.

Everyone can join the mission! We invite business owners, food producers, and everyone who cares to contribute to this cause.

You can support us here.
The situation in the de-occupied settlements and the front-line zone of the Donetsk region is extremely difficult. International observers speak of the threat of a humanitarian catastrophe. Meanwhile, residents suffer from high prices, low-quality products, and mass impoverishment. Foodstuffs and essential goods sometimes cost twice or three times more than they did a year and a half ago.

The operational situation in Donetsk remains no less complicated. The civilian population wakes up from shelling almost every night, a significant number of residential buildings are destroyed, and there are no resources to repair them. This means that hundreds of children, adults, and the elderly have been left without a roof over their heads and any means of livelihood.

For many families, the only way to survive the winter is humanitarian aid from charitable organizations and volunteers.

Ukrainians in the Donetsk region need our support more than ever! We must do everything we can to ensure that children and adults receive the help they need. And most importantly, they felt that they were not forgotten and that their destinies were important.


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