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The exhibition "CHILDREN. WAR. FUTURE." at the Lviv Opera House

The exhibition "CHILDREN. WAR. FUTURE." at the Lviv Opera House


On December 1, Future for Ukraine will host the second exhibition “CHILDREN. WAR. FUTURE." at the Lviv Opera House. The event will feature children's drawings created during the war, as well as works by the talented Ukrainian boy with ASD, Maksym Brovchenko.

The war changed children's drawings, but they did not lose their desire to hold pencils and brushes in their hands to discover their amazing inner world. These paintings are a way to look into their hearts, full of hope and love.

However, there are children from whom the war took away the opportunity to create for a long time. These are children with ASD — autism spectrum disorders. Due to stress, they close in on themselves and break the ties that connect them to the outside world. We want to draw attention to such children because they are a vulnerable and unprotected category of children at the moment.

The event’s purpose is to attract attention and raise funds for establishing  the LEVCHYK SPECTRUM HUB center in Lviv for children with ASD who were forced to escape from the war and leave their homes. We want to help special children adapt to new conditions and integrate into society.

During and after the exhibition, everyone can buy copies of some of the paintings. All funds will be used to support the activities of the LEVCHYK HUB. Every month, we plan to hold 2,470 classes and help 100 children with ASD.

The exhibition will last from December 1 to 23.
The Opera House is open for tours from 11:00 to 16:30. Before the performance at 17:15 - 18:00, and during the intermission between acts.

On Sunday, the theater has two performances: at 12:00 and 18:00. Excursions are between them.
Concerts will also be held in the Hall of Mirrors on Thursdays. So before they start, the theater is open.

For media inquiries and accreditation, please, contact [email protected] by email. Accreditation is carried out until 30.11.22.

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