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Children hub

Children hub

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Support Ukrainian children in evacuation!

Children Hub is a network of centers for adaptation, development and psychological support of Ukrainian children of immigrants in EU countries.

The new Children Hub in Warsaw is a 250 m² space that can receive about 100 children per day, aged from 3 to 15 years. Large auditoriums, an art space, a psychologist's office, a cafeteria, and even more specialists, creativity and education for Ukrainian children.

Depending on the age group, children take classes that positively affect their emotional state and contribute to comprehensive development: logic, learning about the world, music, physical education, neurorhythmics, financial literacy, safety school, etc.

Address of the new Children Hub: Warsaw, ul. Wspólna 47/49, 00-680. Classes are free for children from families who left Ukraine after February 24.


Create and support the work of more than 50 centers, helping from 100 to 250 children per day each.

What is needed

Payments to operational employees
Purchase of snacks, drinks and hygiene products for children and the team
Purchase of equipment and children's furniture
Documentary and information support

Why this is important

One can only imagine what the children who had to flee the war abroad are going through now. It is deep psychological trauma. They have to adapt quickly in general classes or study according to the Ukrainian program online without live communication with their peers. Children need psychological support and adaptation to a new society.

In the hub, children learn more about the culture of a new country, can take a child psychologist advice, have a break from the language barrier and share their experiences with children from Ukraine. Children can regain a sense of security through classes, workshops and games.

In addition, parents need time to do the necessary things. Ukrainian teachers and specialists work in the center, which solves the employment problem of Ukrainian women abroad.

FFU has opened Children Hub in Warsaw


New Children Hub has opened in Warsaw

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