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December 23

Prosthetics of the Ukrainian military 2023
Started: 2023.01.20Completed: 2023.12.31
FFU Poland

Prosthetics of the Ukrainian military 2023

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About the case
As part of the Operation Renew Prosthetics program, the Future for Ukraine charity fund, with the support of the international clinic for prosthetics, Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics (MCOP), helps Ukrainian military personnel receive high-quality prostheses and go through the rehabilitation process in the world's leading medical institutions.
The Future for Ukraine Fund covers all costs related to the provision of prostheses and the support of military personnel during the entire prosthetics period and rehabilitation.

Purpose of the case
To provide high-quality prostheses to organize the process of prosthetics and rehabilitation for Ukrainian military personnel who suffered limb amputations as a result of injuries received during the Russian-Ukrainian war. Throughout 2023, fighters with amputations of various types and complexity will be involved in the program.
What is needed
To provide prostheses and organize the process of prosthetics and rehabilitation in international medical institutions, it is necessary to take into account a large number of nuances. For the comfortable passage of prosthetics and the rehabilitation process by the Ukrainian military, it is necessary to take care of a large number of financial, organizational, medical, and logistical aspects. Therefore, the foundation tries to provide the fighters with everything they need.
Why is this important?
The Ukrainian military fights every day for the integrity of Ukraine and prevents Russian troops from advancing deep into Europe at the cost of their health and sometimes even their lives. Many of them lose their limbs due to combat injuries and need high-quality prosthetics.

Together with your support, Ukrainian fighters have a real chance to return to their usual active life as much as possible! And those soldiers who have already undergone prosthetics at the MCOP clinic confirm that. Many of the men after the prosthetics program return to the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to continue fighting for the integrity of Ukraine!

At the time of the launch of the "Ukrainian Military Prosthetics" program in January 2023, thanks to the support of the FFU Poland and FFU Ukraine four Ukrainian military personnel already received their prostheses and underwent rehabilitation processes at the MСOR clinic located in Washington. They are Oleksandr Chaika, Dmytro Sklyarenko, Oleksandr Drobatyuk and Serhiy Dudik.

From now on, the Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) clinic will also help Ukrainian soldiers recover. During the year, fighters will be sent to Malta for prosthetics and rehabilitation. They will be there for about a month.

The foundation’s purpose is to cover all costs so Ukrainian fighters can receive high-quality prostheses and rehabilitation. We do all this thanks to your donations to the "Prosthetics for the Ukrainian military in 2023" case.

Join in helping the Ukrainian military to return to a fulfilling life. The best way to express our gratitude and support those who choose the freedom of a democratic world at the cost of their lives is to help them recover.

Please, support our collection for the case "Prosthetics of the Ukrainian military in 2023" to purchase prostheses for the Ukrainian military and help them undergo rehabilitation processes abroad.

Let's help the Ukrainian military to fight for the democratic values of Europe and the whole world!


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