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Medical food for seriously wounded Ukrainians

Medical food for seriously wounded Ukrainians


During the war, there is support for hospitals and doctors who save lives 24/7, which is extremely necessary. After all, new wounded appear every day, both military and civilians. The medical system in our country is currently operating in critical conditions:

  • military aggression;
  • destruction of medical facilities;
  • growing needs of citizens for medical care;
  • shortage of medicines and equipment. 

The doctors of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology, named after A.A. Shalimov, work in such conditions. They provide medical care to the most serious patients from all over Ukraine who have severe pathologies of the digestive and cardiovascular systems. Due to the full-scale invasion, forced relocations, and untimely treatment, many people's illnesses have become more acute. 

"We always need help, especially for expensive medicines such as Olimel. The state provides us with a certain amount, but to work by protocols and not save money, we ask for additional assistance," says Ruslan Salyutin, Deputy Director for Organizational and Clinical Innovation, MD. 

FFU, with the support of the Rochester Regional Health Foundation, purchased Olimel for a total of UAH 295,286.23. We also handed it over to the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology, named after O. O. Shalimov. This medicinal product is essential for parenteral nutrition in cases where oral or enteral nutrition is impossible, insufficient, or contraindicated.  

Helping medical facilities during the war is key to the survival of our nation. Doctors are making great efforts to save the victims of hostilities. Therefore, it is crucial that they can do this efficiently and effectively, thanks to the availability of the necessary medicines and equipment. We thank our partners! Together, we help doctors save the lives of Ukrainians!


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