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"Metal osteosynthesis" program: The stories of two Ukrainian military

"Metal osteosynthesis" program: The stories of two Ukrainian military


Our Foundation, thanks to the partners of the charity organization of the Ukrainian diaspora in America Roc Maidan, which provided a grant, was able to pay for metal osteosynthesis systems for the Ukrainian military and Ukrainians who need it in the framework of the "Metal osteofixation systems" program.

Two patients, military and heroes, who were assisted with metal osteosynthesis surgery, told about their condition and feelings during the rehabilitation period and shared their own stories of how they got injured.

Oleksandr Bondar, a resident of the Zhytomyr region, a father, and a mining foreman was wounded in combat in the Kharkiv direction.

Since 2014, Oleksandr has had combat experience, he has been defending the Motherland from the first days of the war. Interestingly, Oleksandr got into the same platoon with his brother in arms Sashko, with whom they fought in the east of Ukraine in 2014. But the men never crossed paths because Oleksandr was immediately sent to combat positions, and Sashko joined the platoon later.

On April 12, Sashko and his brothers-in-arms had to replace Oleksandr and other soldiers in their positions, but while on the way, their car bumped into an enemy ambush near the occupied territories. Since then, Oleksandr's friend was considered missing.

Our hero wanted to get to the place next to this terrible event was, to find out exactly what happened to his brother-in-arms. But the territories were occupied for a long time, and only after the liberation of most of the Kharkiv region, Olexander had such an opportunity.

On September 18, with his brothers in arms, Oleksandr left in the direction where the soldiers were ambushed earlier, and he was only 1 km away from the scene of events, the car blew up on an enemy anti-tank mine. Oleksandr received serious injuries and a broken arm.

Oleksandr was given first aid in Kramatorsk, then he was evacuated to Dnieper and finally transported to Cherkasy, where he received an operation to install a metal osteosynthesis system.

Currently, the military is undergoing a rehabilitation process, gradually developing his arm after a fracture and dreams of finally removing all the plates in order as can feel his arm freely and return to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as soon as possible to bring our victory closer.

"Can you imagine how happy our militaries were when they liberated the territories of the Kharkiv region? They were so happy there it can't be put into words, to be honest! Can you imagine how the people and the military will be happy when we get a victory?”Oleksandr shares his impressions.

Another hero, a defender of the Motherland, Oleg Krasatiuk, was wounded near Bakhmut. Despite all the obstacles, he has already returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue to defend the country and achieve victory.

On the evening of September 12, Oleg and his brothers-in-arms left on an armored personnel carrier in the direction of combat positions in the district of Bakhmut. The visibility around was critically low, and it was forbidden to turn on the lights when entering the positions. Because of this, their armored personnel carrier bumped into an SUV at full speed. As a result of the road accident, the military received a fracture of the left humerus.

Oleg was given first medical aid in Bakhmut then he was evacuated to Druzhkivka. After several transportations, our hero was taken to Cherkasy, where he was operated on, and installed a metal osteosynthesis system.

Currently, our military has undergone rehabilitation and is feeling well. He has recovered and is performing combat missions in his unit already.

After finishing his service, Oleg dreams of returning to his family, getting a civilian job, and enjoying life.

Each of the stories of our military scares us with the horrors of war and, at the same time, impresses us with sincere and courageous actions.

We thank and wish our defenders good health, powers, and drive for victory!

The best way to show gratitude and support our heroes is to help them recover. That is why our team, together with partners and friends, works continuously to help the Ukrainian military and all those in need. After all, unity is our strength!

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