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The second week of prosthetics for our military in Malta

The second week of prosthetics for our military in Malta


Every day we admire the tenacity of our heroes and their readiness to achieve their goals! They confidently step toward their future. Read more about how the second week went for Andrii and Vitaly in Malta in our digest.

This week started with a positive mood in our military. Vitaly and Andriy constantly encourage each other. Sure enough, because Vitaly is already ready to run!

It is not for nothing that physiotherapists note significant progress since last week. That's what motivation and thirst for life mean!

The men underwent physical therapy and did complex physical exercises, which even in ordinary life during training, they did not succeed the first time.

After physiotherapy, Andriy and Vitaly remained with the prosthetist because Andriy was replaced with a more comfortable prosthesis cup, and Vitaly was being adjusted.

For three days, the men attended physiotherapeutic classes and, together with specialists, were engaged in adjusting prostheses to make them as comfortable to use as possible.

Our soldiers worked so diligently with dumbbells, so later it was difficult even to pick up a phone and write a message to relatives!

After hard work, there should be quality rest. That is why today men devoted the whole day only to rest and recovery after physical exercises.

It would seem that nothing can make Malta's climate any warmer than it already is. But it can!

Heartfelt support of our heroes by the Ukrainian diaspora in Malta helps them overcome the difficult path of prosthetics. Today they again met and talked with the military.
Just look at what they wrote on their page on the social network after meeting with our soldiers!

"Our meeting today was very heartfelt and warm. Like a family celebration in childhood, when different generations gathered at the same table, treated each other, and sang songs. When we hugged each other, we hugged relatives.
The war changed all of us. Forever. We learned to love, help, and appreciate. 

Today we gathered because we wanted to thank Andrii and Vitaly, who stood for us all on the battlefield. And we thank everyone who came, cooked, sang, and helped today. Together we are strong, together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"

We sincerely believe that great achievements and new successes are ahead of our military! Support our case "Prosthetics of the Ukrainian military 2023".

Help our heroes return to normal life!

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