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The third week of our military in Malta

The third week of our military in Malta


Our soldiers Andriy Konovalov and Vitaliy Tarusin have been on the island of the Knightly Order for three weeks. These seven days have been active and intense for our men. Read more about their adventures in our digest. 

06.02 - 09.02 
Andriy and Vitaliy continue to train intensively. Their schedule includes special exercises for stretching and developing body muscles. For example, the men wrestled with each other and tried to balance on special equipment at the same time. They also practiced on a treadmill on their own without any help. All for the sake of one goal which is to start walking on their own as soon as possible. And no challenges frighten them in this way. 

10.02 - 11.02 
After a physically intense and productive day, the men relaxed by strolling in the fresh air. These are the instructions of the physiotherapists who inspire our military to recover faster. Walking is not only useful in itself but also helps to get used to prostheses and learn how to walk properly with them. 

This day for the military was marked by a trip to Sunday school, where they met with Ukrainian children. The kids had a lot of questions for the defenders, which Andriy and Vitaliy were happy to answer. At the end of the meeting, everyone joined in a joyful singing of the national anthem. 

As part of the Operation Renew Prosthetics program, the Future for Ukraine charitable foundation plans to send more military personnel for prosthetics and rehabilitation at the Steward Health Care Malta (SHCM) clinic in 2023. That is why we started a new fundraising and invite everyone to join in. 

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who supports our military on their way to a new life. Thank you for being with us!

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